PM Services

Bothy Enterprises Property Management started off small with just two small B&B’s in Christchurch and one house in Queenstown.

Using my 20-plus years of senior management experience I learned the processes involved in the business of property management and since June 2020, Bothy Enterprises has been managing:

Short term (ST)lets / Airbnb: 5 houses/ apartments and 2 studios

Long term (LT) lets : 2 houses and 2 studio apartments.

With an established team in place, I currently work with owners, both in NZ and Australia.

The process in the day to day management includes the marketing of the group, maintenance of the booking systems, resourcing of stock and inventory and liaison with cleaning and waste management. In addition the communication with guests and contractors to manage any urgent or planned maintenance. Having taken my time to ensure the process is in place to make the best of each house I am ready to extend our portfolio. The plan is to take this step with care so our properties are managed with a personal touch that is for the benefit of both owners and guests.

Therefore we seek:5-7 houses/ apartments in Queenstown either LT or ST

5 houses / apartments/ studios in Christchurch either LT or ST

1 Commercial partner to manage the commercial requirements of their portfolio ( large or small)

Should you know anyone that is looking to purchase an investment property and is seeking Property management services or is unhappy with their current supplier we would be happy to discuss or advise. We would be thrilled to offer accommodation vouchers for any successful referrals as well!

With any referrals or questions please CONTACT us through this website